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Maraton Forte isn’t just a supplement; it’s your passport to unparalleled sexual triumph. Crafted with a scientific combination of the most potent Asian and South American medicinal herbs, this revolutionary product is specifically designed to elevate male sexual performance.

What sets Maraton Forte apart is its unique formulation, combining herbal superconcentrates with an active form of the amino acid L-arginine. This strategic blend ensures special efficacy and immediate effects, making Maraton Forte the go-to solution for those seeking remarkable results in the bedroom.

The secret lies in L-arginine, a pivotal amino acid that acts as a donor of nitric oxide – a molecule playing a crucial role in achieving erections. Maraton Forte harnesses the power of nature and science to provide the nutrients your body needs for optimal performance, making it a game-changer in the realm of male sexual enhancement.

Experience the transformative benefits of Maraton Forte as it enhances stamina, endurance, and confidence in the most intimate moments. Don’t settle for mediocrity; choose Maraton Forte for an immediate and profound impact on your sexual well-being. Join countless others who have discovered the unparalleled joy and satisfaction that comes with unlocking your sexual triumph.

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Maraton Forte is a game-changer, boosting your stamina to new heights. Experience the vitality and lasting power that redefine your intimate encounters.

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Maraton Forte stands out with its special efficacy and immediate effect. Experience the results you desire swiftly, making every moment count.

Featuring an active form of the amino acid L-arginine, Maraton Forte acts as a nitric oxide donor, a key molecule in achieving erections. Enjoy the benefits of improved blood flow for heightened pleasure.

Maraton Forte not only revitalizes your intimate life but also fosters cognitive harmony. Experience the satisfaction that comes with balanced well-being, both in and out of the bedroom.

Maraton Forte: the experts choice

“Maraton Forte has been a game-changer for my intimate life. I was initially skeptical about herbal supplements, but after trying Maraton Forte, I am a firm believer. The unique blend of Asian and South American medicinal herbs truly delivers on its promise to enhance male sexual performance. I’ve experienced increased stamina, improved endurance, and a noticeable boost in confidence. What sets Maraton Forte apart is its science-backed formulation, providing a natural solution for those seeking to elevate their performance in the bedroom. I highly recommend Maraton Forte to any man looking to take his intimate experiences to the next level.”

“After years of trying various supplements to improve my sexual performance, I finally found my go-to solution with Maraton Forte. The carefully selected combination of Asian and South American medicinal herbs in this formula is nothing short of impressive. Since incorporating Maraton Forte into my routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall sexual health. The results are not only noticeable but sustainable, making it a reliable choice for those looking for a natural and effective solution. I appreciate the science behind Maraton Forte, and I can confidently say it has positively impacted both my performance and satisfaction in the bedroom. This product has exceeded my expectations, and I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and natural enhancement.”

Maraton Forte contains the following ingredients:

AAKG (Arginine Alpha ketoglutarate) contributes to increased blood flow to the penis. It is very commonly recommended by specialists in natural remedies as a supplement for men who fail to maintain an erection long enough to maintain a decent sexual act.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed / Epimedium Brevicorum maxim) – Contains flavonoids that dilate blood vessels for a more vigorous male erection and also has the ability to enhance libido in both sexes.

Muira puama / Ptychopetalum olacoides – enhances libido and increases orgasm intensity, genital sensitivity and gives rise to fantasies in both women and men.

Asian Ginseng / Panax Ginseng is known for increasing alertness and for its ability to bring significant improvements related to erectile dysfunction.

Siberian Ginseng / Eleutherococcus senticosus – Siberian ginseng is distinguished by its very high natural content of a group of compounds called “eleutherosides”, which include natural sterols, believed to give Siberian ginseng its revitalising effect. Siberian ginseng helps to reduce fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome, reduce the effects of stress by acting as a adaptogen. Helps to improve and support the immune system and increase athletic performance.

Tribulus / Tribulus Terrestris– is a powerful sexual tonic, studies have shown that this herb increases luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, increasing free testosterone levels in healthy men. This, in turn, will increase sexual desire and libido and improve sperm quality.

It also helps remedy erectile dysfunction and has been shown to be helpful in cases of premature ejaculation. One of the main compounds of this herb is a phytochemical known as “protodioscin”.

A clinical study found that protodioscin helps stimulate nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is an essential element of erection, allowing the smooth muscles of the penis to relax, allowing uninterrupted blood circulation in this area. Tribulus will stimulate the production of sex hormones without affecting other body systems.

In short – tribulus – helps to gain a firmer erection as well as increase libido for both sexes.

Polygonum / Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum Thunb) is a woody perennial herb native to China. Deeply rooted in the Chinese tradition of Chinese herbal medicine, this plant is still used today for its tonic properties and because it promotes general well-being.

Guarana / Paullinia Cupana Kunth – long known and promoted as an aphrodisiac, the seeds of the South American fruit guarana act as a stimulant due to their high caffeine content.

If you’re simply too tired to get into the “mood” for a sex romp, this herbal supplement may be just what your doctor would have recommended himself. A 2008 study found that guarana was also highly effective in reducing mental fatigue and improving cognitive performance.

The Maraton Forte dietary supplement also contains the following inactive ingredients: gelatin, purified glycerin and glycerol.

20 Servings per container

NameAmount Per Serving
L-Arginin-Alpha-Ketoglutarat140 mg
Epidemium – Trockenextrakt (Epidemium brevicorum Maxim)48 mg
Muira Puama – Trockenextrakt (Ptychopetalum olacoides)40 mg
Asiatischer Ginseng – Trockenextrakt (Panax Ginseng)40 mg
Sibirischer Ginseng-Trockenextrakt (Eleuterococcus senticosus)40 mg
Tribulus-Trockenextrakt (Tribulus terrestris)40 mg
Polygonum-Trockenextrakt (Polygonum multiflorum Thunb)32 mg
Guarana-Trockenextrakt (Paullinia cupana – Kunth)20 mg

Marathon Forte, 100 Capsules, Pack of Five Boxes (5 X 20 Capsules)

  • 100 capsules
  • Plant based
  • Vegan free
  • Enough for 100 days

Maraton Forte, 80 Capsules, Pack of Four Boxes (4 X 20 Capsules)

  • 80 capsules
  • Plant based
  • Vegan free
  • Enough for 80 days

Maraton Forte, 60 Capsules, Pack of Three Boxes (3 X 20 Capsules)

  • 60 capsules
  • Plant based
  • Vegan free
  • Enough for 60 days

Maraton Forte, 40 Capsules, Pack of Two Boxes (2 X 20 Capsules)

  • 40 capsules
  • Plant based
  • Vegan free
  • Enough for 40 days

Maraton Forte, 20 Capsules

  • 20 capsules
  • Plant based
  • Vegan free
  • Enough for 20 days